Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Hair Accessories

Anyone who knows me in real life {which is alot of you out there! Thanks for your support, friends!} knows that I love me a fabulous hair accessory, preferably in the shape of a bow or a rosette.

I have lots....a few made by a dear friend, and two pieces from a shop that I admire with all of my heart, Pixel&Hank.

Since I've been sculpting a tonne lately, I thought to myself what about hair accessories?!

Silver and pale pink on a silver 5mm headband. The rosettes are approximately 2" each, affixed to the headband with epoxy.

They've hit the Etsy shop, and I just absolutely love the response that they're getting.

And it's not just headbands either!

I've had some custom orders for sculpted hair clips, which have turned out amazingly!

Tangerine! The Pantone colour for 2012!

I'm having so much fun making spring accessories!

Any requests??