Local Love Monday: WhenIsGarbageDay.com

I started brainstorming a couple of weeks ago, and there are some really awesome small businesses in London, Ontario that deserve a shout out or two, so why not a Local Love series??

Why they are certainly local businesses, I'm sure that their reach is much further than the local community. Take WhenIsGarbageDay.com for example...

Is your community on a 6 day garbage rotation? Find that you're always searching to see when the neighbours have put their recycling out, or trying to remember where you put that garbage collection calendar that always seems to go missing at the worst possible minute?

Well...here's your answer!

It's so fool proof, and I love it. You can set up a reminder that will be delivered directly to your email to say "Hey! it's Garbage Day!", meaning that you'll never forget again!

Coming soon: text message reminders!


I love that this is a local company and that they're all about saving you time and frustration. I know in our home, we often forget and then hear the garbage or recycling truck go down the road. More often than not, it happens just before a holiday weekend, or on a Friday when there isn't garbage collection for a full week.

A full week. EW!

Definitely a local company that I recommend and fully support! Check out WhenIsGarbageDay.com today!