Fabulous Finds Friday: Luggage Stand

Happy Friday everyone...and it's an extra happy one for us!

it's Possession Day!!! We're so excited to get possession of our new house and get in there to paint this weekend! Then I get to put into action all of these design ideas that I've been fawning over and creating for the past 7 weeks while living at the inlaws house!

So exciting!

Back to the guestroom for a moment.

I saw this on Pinterest {of course} and think that is it just an absolute essential for any guest room

I've been thinking about ways that I can DIY this one...

Maybe take an old TV tray table, take off the top and then add the fabric straps? I don't know...we'll have to see! If I can just find the absolute perfect one that fits with the room, we'll be all set!

Stay tuned for Friday posts in Friday when I unveil our new home and all of my DIY decor!

Happy Friday!