WAHM Wednesday: Carving out Me-Time

I've recently noticed that if I'm not taking care of my son...rolling around on the floor, reading books, going to the library or Little Gym, watching a movie snuggled up on the couch...then I'm in my studio creating, on the laptop blogging, networking with other artisans

What about time for me?

Even during naptime (Owen's naptime, that is!) I'm working. When he goes to bed...I'm working. I might be sitting on the couch on the computer, but I'm still working!

I take little time for myself. Maybe once I realize it's 10pm and I need to get my brain to shut off...but until then...I'm everything to everyone else, but myself.

The same goes for when we're out shopping. I put Owen and Sweet Stella's first and then wonder why I don't have clothes that fit, or shoes that aren't stained with salt and are 10 years old...

Well, this is my chance. I'm going to carve out some me-time everyday. Whether it's a bath, a nap, time to paint a piece for our new home, or even just time to lie on the couch and watchi some Sex and the City, it'll be my time...

I might even turn my phone off!!