Special Shop Announcement!

Since just before Christmas, I've been rethinking my product offering and artistic image.

What genres suit me best as an artist?
What are my strengths as an artist?

So...I've made a decision.

While I positively love creating party supplies, piggy banks and stationery, playing with paper and different ink techniques...it's just that...playing. They're both items that will be offered on a custom design basis only, under a new category called Custom Designs in my etsy shop.

What I really want to do and focus on are my paintings, journals and some new sculpted elements. Branch more into home decor, focus on who I am as an artist...that sort of thing.

Did you know that I actually had two studio majors while in University? Ya...I actually studied sculpture first, and painting second, but quickly grew to love them both because of the professors that I studied under.

I'm going back to those roots, and will be giving my shop some much needed focus so I can, personally, gain some much needed clarity.

What you can expect to see are amazing journals that are truly a work of art, with sculpted cover embellishment, as well as antique skeleton keys, shimmery ribbons and other such inspired embellishments.

Abstract journals, both in linear and painterly styles, using a variety of acrylics and applications for a three dimensional effect. These can be found under Painted Journals in my shop.

These are sculpted embellishments that will be attached to some journal covers. I absolutely love them, and find it so soothing to work with clay again! The largest flower for journals is approximately 3" in diameter.

Acrylic paintings on both stretched canvas and wood. I am very very excited to offer these in my shop. Nervous, but excited! And of course, found under Acrylic Paintings in my shop.

I'll also be working on a variety of sculpted wall installations long the same concept as the sculpted journal embellishments. The smallest flowers will be 3" in diameter, going up to 8"-10" and sold in sets of three and five (or more by custom order) - all ready for hanging! Stay turned for a Sculpted Wall Art category, coming soon!

I'm really excited about the direction that Sweet Stella's is taking...but wonder...what do you think?

Leave me some love in the comments!