WAHM Wednesday...Brown Eyed {Artsy} Girl

Last week, the lovely Meira from GlassesUSA.com contacted me about doing a sponsor post and it got me thinking…eyes are pretty darn important in this whole being an artist thing! Off I went to their website, which is fantastic and so user friendly by the way, in search of new glasses.

Typically, I wear contacts, but when I’m working for hours upon hours on a project, my eyes need a break. And being a painter, bit of a nerdy-girl, and very much a hippie-mama, I was immediately drawn to the selection of vintage and nerdy inspired eyeglasses in the Women’s Retro Frames section.

Currently, I sport a pair of purple frames that I’ve had since I was in grade 10…a whopping fourteen years ago. Time for a change! I was impressed to see not only a wide selection in terms of colours, but also in shape. The price was incredible too! The pair of glasses that I was drawn toward burgundy, and only $48! Including the lenses! Amazing!!

I’ve always been traditional, getting my glasses from my Optometrists’ office, and never considered online eyeglasses…until now. The frames aren’t your everyday frames either. They’re quality frames and lenses, like you’d get in the physical office, and are stylish and up to date with current trends.

I’ve also always had trouble finding a pair of glasses that reflects who I am, mama and artist, that also fits with my super strained eyesight. I’m a -4.25 in my right, and a -6.00 in my left. No idea on Cylinder or Axis, which means I probably need to get my eyes tested relatively soon, but I know that I’ve always been limited in my options since my left lense tends to be rather thick.

Limited no more! Thanks to GlassesUSA.com I can be the funky-fresh mama that I am, and still be able to focus on my artwork, without breaking the bank now that I know I can buy glasses online!