WAHM Wednesday: Winding Down

Since we got home from vacation, we've been in full on house-hunting-packing-moving-to-the-inlaws mode.

Time to unwind?

My husband got me a Kobo for Christmas, and it's seriously the best thing since sliced bread. It gives me just that little break at the end of a jam packed day to unwind and relax...have my brain switch gears.

I find that between putting matchbox car through a ramp course for my son a bazillion times a day, promoting listings on Facebook and Twitter, taking photographs of paintings, setting up tweets, connecting and networking, and creating amazing party decorations for amazing customers...my brain is just fried, and yet spinning all at the same time.

And then it takes hours to settle down, and usually leads to nightmares...little sleep...step and repeat for the next day.

Do you WAHM's take time in your daily schedule to unwind? My Kobo has been my relief; even if it's just 3 pages or so, it's enough relief for me!