WAHM Wednesday: A Whole New Year

There's just something about the first few days of the new year that I love. Almost like the first rainfall in the spring, when you cut your grass for the first time, or when you first see your baby smile.

It's all new...fresh...with endless possibilities of what can be

I say can be because I'm pretty darn determined to make this year my year. Being away for the holidays with my fam-jam has given me an awesome opportunity to pause and reflect about what's important, both as a mom and a mompreneur.

First and foremost, Monday's are going to be playdays with my son, and Tuesday afternoons will be spent at the library for toddler storytime. Tuesday evenings will be at The Little Gym in the oh-so-appropriately named Beast program, which means that work will get done Wednesday-Friday.

For those who know me, you know that's kind of a stretch for me. I work all the darn time! I write this while on vacation in Florida!

That brings me to blogging! I'm going to blog what I like and when I like...but only on Sunday's. I'll still schedule posts, SWH4T$ will be on track with Baby Shmizz, and I will keep promoting amazing mompreneurs on Mondays. If I don't have something to share on a particular day, I'm not going to feel bad about it.

The goal this year, as should always be, is to be authentic.

Artistically, my goals are to get back to my roots. I want to paint like no tomorrow, and have big plans for abstractly painted cubes and spheres that one could use as installation art, in a shadowbox, or stack on a table for a truly 3dimensional work of art. I will still dabble in paper and make pretty things, but at the heart of it all lies the paint in my veins and I cannot be more excited for it!

Cheers to 2012!!