Special Post: New Journal Sizes!

Happy Tuesday!

I went out searching for journals yesterday, and found two new sizes that I'm so excited to introduce to you!

On the top...5.5"x8"
On the bottom...8.5"x11"

Small journal...5.5"x8"

Large journal...8.5"x11"

Journals are painted in an abstract fashion...either painterly or linear...and can be embellished in a variety of ways.

I'm currently waiting on a shipment of twenty brass antique skeleton keys, which have inspired a whole ballet-esqe line of the journals...soft, flowy, pastel colours with wide shimmery satin ribbon and a skeleton key to keep all of your secrets safe.

I'm also working on a variety of sculpted embellishments, including rolled rosettes, five petal flowers...all in different sizes as well! I'm very excited to get back to sculpting sincei t' an area that I majored in for my studio courses in University.

Order your journals now! 2 small and 1 large have already been spoken for! I only have 1 large and 3 small left until I restock!