WAHM Wednesday: Coffee Break

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to a local William Coffee Shop {I highly recommend their cinnamon scones for breakfast...so sinfully delightful!} and meeting up with some local tweeps.


and the ever inspirational @TimeOutMom

Things have been a crazy whirlwind over here lately, between us selling our home much faster than we anticipated to looking for our new house to considering building...all with two toddlers. Our son is 1 {and a half} and Sweet Stella's just turned one. Both have so much promise and amazing things going for them, and I have so many visions of hope for them both.

Though, I've been feeling...tired...exhausted...overwhelmed...defeated. Am I doing enough for both of my babies...being a good mom and a great mompreneur? So many questions...

Then, I went to this coffee date and had my socks knocked off. Rebecca, Melissa, Heidi and Margarita were fantastic to meet up with, and filled my sails with so much positivity. They talked about their busy lives as moms, photographers, entrepreneurs, organizers, social media strategists...women.

It was so very empowering, and have me a great deal of focus.

So starts a new series for Wednesday blogposts...about me being a WAHM. How I do it, what inspires me, what keeps me going...and how I keep it real, bring focus to myself and stay level with a busy toddler.

If you're a WAHM (working-at-home-mama) I encourage you to reach out into your community and connect. You never know where likeminded women are hiding. They might be people that you connect with daily on Twitter, or people that stumble across your business page on Facebook. Make it a habit to meet with them, be it one-on-one or in a group setting, and really get down to the nitty gritty. Who are you as a WAHM? What makes you who you are?

Ladies, thank you so very much for our Coffee Break. I look forward to many more!