Sponsor Love: Tina Dean Designs

I got a very special delivery this week from my BlogHer12 sponsor, Tina Dean Designs.

My VHS plarn wristlet is here!! I'm so excited!!

The batik fabric liner is perfect, and definitely suits my taste wonderfully! I cannot wait to bring this cute little bag to BlogHer12 next summer, and may even take her for a test run at a holiday party we have coming up this weekend.

Tina does a fantastic job constructing these bag - I am really impressed by the quality of the product and how sturdy it is as a bag. I'm kind of a clutch-snob, and this one is definitely going to be in regular rotation in my collection!

The chain that attaches to the bag is perfect and while I'm not usually a wristlet girl, I absolutely love the functionality of this bag. It isn't going anywhere, but around my wrist!

Check out Tina Dean Designs for the most beautiful, eco-friendly bags around!