Whimsical Wednesday: Sweet Treat Bags

Ever find yourself in a pinch and searching for a gift bag? I have an easy peasy solution for you, and one that likely you have the supplies lying around the house for.

Sweet Treat Bags

- brown paper bag
- scissors
- patterned paper
- coloured paper
- ink
- stamps
- ribbon

Step 1:
Cut the top edge of your paper bag with fancy scissors, or create your own edging with regular scissors.

Step 2:
Stamp desired stamps with desired ink in a hap-hazard pattern on the front of the bag

Step 3:
Cut and glue patterned and/or solid paper on the bottom 1" to 3" of the bag

Step 4:
Fold over a 1 1/2" lip at the top

Step 5:
Using a standard hole punch, punch a hole through all four layers of the bag on the folded lip

Step 6:
Thread your ribbon though the hole and tie! If you have decorative punches and want to get fancy, punch a few shapes, layer them and glue them on the flap to cover where the hole is punched through the bag.

Viola! Pretty and simple...a sweet treat bag! A great craft for a kids' party, a rainy day or even for cookies to give to friends and family at Christmas time!

Happy crafting!