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Coupon Sites!

So you all know by now that I am a self-described Coupon Guru. I might not be as successful or as crazy as some of the people you see on TV, but I have definitely saved us a lot of money. I have to give credit where credit is due, and I must say that I learned most of what I know through my cousins, A & K. I also learned a lot by watching shows like Extreme Couponing.

In general, there are 3 places to get coupons: newspapers/mailings, online coupon sites, and manufacturer sites/Facebook pages.

Newspaper inserts still account for the majority of coupons redeemed in the US. Most weeks there are 2 inserts, RedPlum and SmartSource. The coupons found in these inserts will vary, and the value of the coupons in the inserts will vary from region to region. For example, my SIL's grandmother sends me diaper coupons and she lives in Northern New Jersey. Her diaper coupons are always about $0.25 higher in value than the same coupons I get in my newspaper. Every once in a while, Proctor & Gamble will issue the P&G Brandsaver insert, which has coupons for P&G products, usually relatively high value.

My favorite site for coupons is Coupons.com. They update rather frequently, and usually you are allowed 2 prints per coupon. So, once you've printed one set, hit the back button on your browser and they will reprint. All coupon sites require you to download coupon software, which is free and takes less than 5 minutes. The coupons print with a unique barcode and are processed just like newspaper coupons. Smartsource.com and RedPlum.com also have online printable coupons, though considerably less than what you would find in the newspaper.

I also print out Target-specific coupons at Target.com. Its a little tricky though, because not all of those coupons are Target coupons, some are manufacturer coupons. Target will allow you to stack a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon, but on their website they don't differentiate until you print and look at the coupon. TotallyTarget.com has a list of the coupons on the Target website, and they will tell you which ones are Target and which are manufacturer. TotallyTarget is also awesome for highlighting really cheap deals at Target.

I've also made a habit of going to manufacturer websites and their corresponding Facebook pages, to sign up for mailing lists and coupons that way. Especially with diaper companies, because they will send you coupons in the mail.

I've subscribed to the Mommysavers.com newsletter, which comes out every few days. They will list high value coupons, great deals at stores, and websites that have deals for freebies running. I've gotten free laundry detergent, trash bags, diapers, wipes and hair products through referrals from this newsletter.

Those are the ways that I get my coupons, how do you get yours? Do you have any "secret" places that you go that you would like to share?