Sponsor Love: Baby Shmizz

So...what's shakin' over at Baby Shmizz, one of my lovely sponsors?

Well...she's been busy writing out her Christmas Traditions (which made me giggle, and inspired my own post over on our family blog...it's so fun to look back and think about how you spent Christmas as a child, and think forward about how you want your child to spend Christmas), stepping in dog poop while raking the leaves (another post that made me giggle) and crafting up some really fun things for her nugget, Jack!

She currently has a call for December sponsors over on her blog. She has a great Alexa ranking, strong Twitter following that is ever growing and an awesome amount of November pageviews!

Link up with her BlogHop on Thursdays where she talks about couponing, saving money, and being a hard working mama.

Stop by BabyShmizz today!