Mompreneur Monday: Mama Mahoney Creations

Happy Monday all...and CyberMonday at that! I do hope that you all choose to buy
handmade this holiday season...and what a better way to start than with some of my

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Janice of Mama Mahoney Creations. She creates
really funky custom totes and accessories...the kind that make you rethink that dingy
old black diaper bag! Here are five things you should know about Mama Mahoney...

1. I make mostly quilted custom totes and accessories (although my Artfire shop does
have pre-made items that are ready to go). My customers choose quilters grade cotton
in the design of their choice along with the bag size and closure options (button or
zipper). I then quilt, embroider and assemble the bags from the studio in our house.
The embroidery can be anything from simple initials to a favorite phrase or even a
special date. I tell my customers that if they love the fabric, they will love the
bag. Most of the work is finding the right fabric to fit the customer's needs and
taste. I chose quilters cotton because of the high quality of the fabric and that
it can be washed in cold water on gentle cycle and dried in the dryer on low heat.
The fabric works great and is perfect for busy Moms who want something to fit their
unique style, that is functional, easy to care for and be the "go to bag" on the
way out the door. My bags are "wash and go" (kinda like me :) )

{She also makes amazing Kindle and e-reader cases!}

2. We moved into a new house about 4 months ago and I have been lucky enough to be
able to set up my studio in my own space (with a door and everything). It is
located on the main floor of our home so that I can keep an eye on my youngest and
get work done. I use my crockpot for dinner on days that I know I want to be
sewing until late in the afternoon. I also have a huge family center in the
kitchen. It includes a large calendar, a white board for groceries or tasks that
need done and a chore chart for the kiddos. The older kids know that if it is not
on the calendar, it does not get done. I would still like a clone on most days or
at the very least a couple of more hours!

3. My greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur is achieving balance in my life. I
think that is a tough thing in general for most women. We have so much on our
plates and adding an emerging business (essentially another "needy" kid) to the mix
can be tough. When I am working, I am happy because I am achieving something on my
own, but I feel guilty for not spending every free minute that I have with my kids.
On the other hand, when I am with my kids and having fun, I am still ticking off
the list in my head that I need to get done the next day. It is like I am
multitasking all the time. There is so much more of the family responsibility
placed on the Mom, so that instead of "downtime" we are constantly on the go. I
am working on the concept of downtime, but if anyone figures it out, could you let
me know ? :)

4. When deciding what to do for your business, make it something that you love.
By LOVE, I mean something that is fun for you to do on a daily basis and if possible,
something that brings you joy to create. For instance, I have two loves, sewing
and baking. Have done both for friends and also for money. But when deciding what
I wanted to to everyday, sewing won (basically, to be honest, if I baked cookies
everyday, I would be as big as a house!) Do what you love and the rest will come.

5. I am really excited to be participating in the GBK Oscar Gift Lounge in February!
Just finished rebranding and opened my own website :) This year, for the first time,
I am offering gift certificates for you to give to that special someone to allow
them to create their own bag. Perfect gift for that hard to buy for friend or
relative. Also, until my birthday on Wednesday, you get the present! 40% any ONE
item in my store. Just enter happybirthdaymama in the comments section and I will
send you an adjusted invoice. This *includes* gift certificates for custom bags.
Will only offer this discount to FB fans, so check out my page!