What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show...1 Week to Go!

Ahhh!! Queue panic and anxiety!

Just one week to go until the craft show, and my husband will be travelling for a few days next week so really, I need to pick up my socks and get everything finished!

Within the past week...

  • 2 new custom masks created, even if they weren't for the craft show...they still count!
  • 18 new painted ornaments
  • 960 1.25" circles cut for 24 styro ornaments
It's been a crazy busy past week ,but it's going really smoothly for the craft show. All I need to do is finish up the styro ornaments, tie the favour pouch packs together, package the party packages and get some branches from the forrest across the way, which hopefully can be a weekend family trip with the wagon.

In the basement I found the two black boxes that I was looking for to store and display the stationary. I have a plan to get a white bookcase from my in-laws, put bins inside it on their sides and have stationary displayed for sale. It'll work, and it looks great...in my head!

Here are some of the *new* ornaments that I've painted for this year!

They're going to be displayed on the branches I'll collect this next week over at the forest (only fallen branches of course), which will be in tall vases. I have everything printed out for my price tags and labels...something else I need to take care of!

One week to go!!