She Works Hard For The Money...BlogHop!

Welcome to She Works Hard For The Money…a Thursday Bloghop for your hard working mamas out there!

What can you expect to find? Stay-at-Home-Moms who have amazing tips for saving money on various products, couponing tips, the latest and greatest deals…Working-Mamas who are out there pounding the pavement every day, but still find ways to save at home, maximize their time with their kids and families…and Work-at-Home-Mamas who balance life and work under one roof.

You can link up here and over at Baby Shmizz, each and every Thursday. We’ll share our favourite tips and posts from the previous week, our own tips and hints, ways we balance our busy schedules from two totally different perspectives (me a WAHM and Shan a crazy busy Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant). Share with us the ways that you save: how you save your time, your money and your sanity! You worked hard for it, show it off!

Come and link up with us, share your stories about how you make or save money for your family.

Rules of the Hop:

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2.) Link up a specific post that relates to money, your job, your business, couponing, anything that shows how you "work hard for your money".

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Have fun linking and finding new blogs to read!


Things in Canada are slightly different in terms of couponing, so you won’t get those types of posts from me. There’s no fun in saying we can use only one coupon, per product, per visit, per person so I’m just going to stay away from that all together. (oh how I wish I could though!!)

My life is all about balance, so today I’m going to talk about time management and how to maximize naptime. Since I have an incredibly busy 16month old son, who loves to terrorize my kitchen, watch Shrek a billion times a day, and run at me with blocks, balls, toys and sippy bottles…nap time is work time.

After running and being on the go during the morning, 3pm is a time that I very much look forward to. Thankfully, my son takes a 2 hour afternoon nap each and every day, so I can always count on those two hours to get as much work done as I possibly can. Typically, you’ll find me in my studio cutting and stamping paper, painting masks, playing with glitter and feathers….or…working on the computer updating my website, blogging, connecting with other crafters and artisans on twitter, facebook, Children’s Party Network and Dreamers into Doers.

On top of that, connect with photographers and models for various shoots, be present on Pinterest (an addiction that started last Friday) and Etsy, and brainstorm new products.

All in two hours. TWO! But…that’s how I do it. I work hard for it and you can to! If you have something that you love to do that is crafty, hone that skill and work at it during the evening or during naptime, and you might find that others really appreciate the time that goes into it. Then, open an Etsy shop (I’ll post about that as we get more into SWHFTM), Twitter, Facebook fanpage and maximize the time that you have. Work hard for your craft, and see what the results are!