MOMPreneur Monday: Julie Cole of Mabel's Labels

Last night, I was on twitter and sent out a "Help!! I need a MOMpreneur to blog about tomorrow!" Boy...I did not expect to get connected with one of the most amazing MOMpreneur`s out there, Julie Cole, VP and Co-founder of Mabel's Labels.

If you have children, and they watch Disney Junior, you are very familiar with Mabel's Labels already. I was so excited to blog about Julie last night, that I said to my husband "You know...Mabel's hey! We go bananas for birthdays!" and he knew exactly what I was talking about (bless his heart).

Here's a little about Julie and how the ever awesome Mabel's Labels started...

Eight years ago, I started Mabel’s Labels Inc. with 3 friends – and what an adventure it has been! We often refer to Mabel’s Labels as our “other” baby, and it has been amazing to nurture her and help her grow. We find inspiration in so many ways – through our Mabelhood community, our beautiful children and our entrepreneurial spirits.

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Julie is the mother of six and a co-founding VP of Mabel’s Labels, the leading provider of labels for the stuff kids lose!®. After her eldest son was diagnosed with autism, Julie shelved a legal career to monitor his therapy and launch a business that would strike a better work/life balance. Mabel’s Labels has since grown from basement start-up into an award winning, celebrity endorsed, international phenomenon.

It has been featured everywhere from The View to and is widely recognized for its business and product excellence, winning –amongst others- a coveted RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award. As company spokeswoman, Julie is a well-known personality amongst mom entrepreneurs and her charismatic and dynamic personality has led to numerous speaking engagements, from morning TV, including The Marilyn Denis show, to university business classes.

With humour and endearing candour, Julie’s writing focuses on her experiences raising a big, happy family while running a successful business, and has appeared in Chicken Soup For the Soul – Power Moms and the blogs, and PTPA’s Blogaholics, amongst countless other outlets. Follow her on twitter @juliecole