Mama Blogger Monday: Baby Shmizz

Wow! My 200th blog post, and i can't think of a better Mama Blogger to share it with!!

You've already gotten to know this blogger from my point of view, but today, Shannon from Baby Shmizz shares with you why she blogs, what keeps her going and some exciting things that are on the horizon over at Baby Shmizz!

Hello Sweet Stella's Fans!

My name is Shannon, and I am the genius behind Baby Shmizz, a blog all about my awesome little family.

I started this blog back in May 2009 as a way to vent my frustrations about our TTC journey, and then later it morphed into a pregnancy journal. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and my blog was my therapy. I poured my heart out onto the computer screen, and I didn't hold anything back. I'm so glad I did that, because it really helped me to heal.

After my miscarriage we were extremely fortunate to get pregnant again rather quickly, and that brought us our amazing son, Jack David. Jack is the center of my world, my everything. He swooped into our lives a month early, born at 36w2d, and was a dream baby. Now, he is a rambunctious and stubborn 14 month old :) He is happy, playful and loving, and I am so completely proud of him.

My husband Mike and I also have a dog, Tessie, she is our crazy energetic rescue dog. We all live in a tiny overpriced house outside of Boston. Mizzle and I like to go out to gourmet dinners (he is a Pastry Chef. Be jealous, its OK) and take Jack to new exciting places.

At Baby Shmizz, I like to write about the our lives: what we like, what we hate, what drives us crazy. I still use the blog to document Jack's life and milestones and such, so my blog does feature a lot of pictures. Every week I do a Wordless Wednesday post which usually features a picture of Jack and his ridiculous cuteness. I also do frequent Our Favorite Things posts, which highlights some products that we absolutely can't live without.

I also do several giveaways, featuring books, handmade items, pretty much anything baby and family related. If you happen to be a fabulous crafter like my girl Shan, check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to do a giveaway!