Y3W Friday: Blog Revision {Almost} Complete!

So by now, you have probably noticed that there have been a variety of changes to the blog here.

  • New header...I adore the sorbet stripes! So summery and fresh and wonderful!
  • New button...to match the header of course!
  • About Me tab...up, running and complete thanks to Melissa at Never a Dull Moment!
  • The Artisan Group...written and lovely! My Display Stack for the Emmy's is even featured there!
  • Shop Sweet Stella's...a few of my favourite products, with links to Etsy!
  • Contact...brand new contact form that customers and sponsors can fill out!
  • Search button...added to the side bar!
  • Sponsorship...hello, SlideRocket Media Kit!!
I think my favourite tab is the sponsorship tab, primarily because I am so darn proud that I designed the slides on my own! Here's a peek at one of them!

So...my nights have been all about working with Melissa on the blog, and I have to say...I would be completely lost without her help and encouragement! What a wonderful Mama friend...and one that I'll be meeting up with at BlogHer'12, along with so many other wonderful ladies (ahem...Shan, Jenni, Steph, Kristin, Melissa, Stephanie, Ashley, Katie, Libby, Censie...and the list grows!)

What has your week been like? Can you sum it up in 3 words? Link up with Jenni!!