What's Next Wednesday: Crafting up a Storm!

Wow...so no rest for the wicked right?

I have my first ever craft show and sale coming up at the beginning of November, and to be completely honest, I am absolutely terrified!

Will people like my stuff?

How do I display everything?

How much stock do I take?

Do I need a banner?

What about business cards...how many of those?

So many questions, and right now I'm just in production mode! Over the past two days, I've whipped up 34 notestacks (24 of them Holiday themed, and 10 of them everyday) and 22 tiny stacks (about the size of a matchbook! They're SO cute and are perfect to keep in your purse!). I've also done up 18 ornaments, and figured out some display aspects.

I'll be previewing alot of things here, including a mock up of the display to get some feedback from you all, but here's a little peek to tide you over!

Think....white...blue...glass vases with branches...

Stay tuned for more peeks and progress!