What's Next Wednesday: Christmas!

Yes that's right!!

Halloween isn't even here yet and I'm already gearing up for Christmas!! I'm over-the-moon excited since I'll be participating in my first ever Christmas Bazaar this year, which is a benefit for the London Children's Hospital and London Humane Society (both organizations that are close to this mama's heart)

On my display will be vases of pinwheels in all different colours, masks beyond your wildest imagination, and tall vases with branches...and these lovelies hanging from them

Right now, my studio is pretty organized but I'm needing more space. I think we'll be setting things up a little differently in there, taking out the double bed and putting up a day bed so that I can use under-the-bed space for bins of masks, ornaments and pinwheels for the bazaar!

Need an ornament? They're up on my Etsy shop now! Two styles...plain painted ornaments, and ones with initials!

Want one ready-to-ship? These will be posted after the bazaar...if I don't sell out first!