Tip Me Tuesday: Fondant on a Cake

This past week, I had a very very important project to work on.

My mission: feed 160(ish) people cake for a wedding...and not just any wedding...but my best friend's wedding, and be a beautiful bridesmaid at the same time!

Here's the cake...

And my gorgeous bff cutting it with her new husband.

So...here are some tips from me to use, when using fondant and making a tiered cake

  • bake your cakes and freeze them a couple of days prior to the event - seal in that freshness and make sure that they'll be stable when you're stacking them!
  • fill and frost, then refrigerate overnight before starting your fondant work
  • internal supports are your friend! For this cake, I used 4 plastic Wilton dowels in the middle tier, and 5 in the bottom tier. Put them in the cake AFTER you've done all of the tiers in fondant and decorated
  • if you're IN the bridal party and doing the cake (who does that!?) have a clear plan for your week (bake and freeze Wednesday, fill and frost Thursday, fondant on the friday)
  • slab cakes are your friend if you have a massive amount of people to feed!

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