Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Sugared Pecans

Last week, I had a craving. Something sweet...sugary...delicious.

I knew that we had french vanilla ice cream, and bananas with chocolate sauce just wouldn't cut it.

Another thing that I knew was that I had chopped pecans in my pantry, and that i has just made a delicious baked Camembert with pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon for the Baby Shower a few weeks ago.

So...what happens when you put pecans, brown sugar and a touch of water in a small hot pan?

Place pecans and brown sugar in a pan, heat over medium heat

Add a tiny bit (1tsp) of water to help the sugar melt

When sugar begins to crystalize, take off heat and let stand for a few minutes

Top your ice cream with this delicious sugary goodness...or use as a filling in a cake (with buttercream - YUM!), topping for Apple Crisp (can you imagine!?), on top of brie or Camembert, even on top of a roasted butternut squash soup to garnish!

Seriously, the possibilities are endless with this sweet treat!

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