Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Hiding Veggies

So many mama friends of mine lately have been asking how I lucked out and got such a great eater. I think alot of it has to do with the variety that I exposed Owen to early on, and my sneakiness.

By that, I mean how I hide his veggies when he seems to be turning his nose up at them. The Hiding Veggies Project started about two weeks ago when he seemed to only want to eat carbs...and by that I mean homemade bread and buns, along with eggs and cheese. Pretty much everything else he would turn his nose up at.

Until this...

{Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese Omelette}

2 eggs
splash of milk
freshly ground pepper

Cook as an omelette and...

Fill with:
2tbsp cut grilled chicken
2tbsp steamed broccoli
2tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

And yes...he ate the entire thing!

Whenever you're having trouble getting fruits or veggies to your kiddo, it's usually time to pull a switch up. Create something omelette, casserole, mix them with a favourite sauce (Owen especially enjoys veggies loaded into homemade pasta sauce)...heck! Even mix them into muffins! Carrot muffins, apple spice, cranberrry lemon! The possibilities are endless, and your kiddo may just develop a new favourite!

Have a project that you're working on? Why not share it with A Bowl Full of Lemons?!