Special Post: Let the Emmy's....Begin!

Today marked the kick off of the GBK Productions Gifting Suite for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Award, and did it ever go off with a bang!

Valerie, the founder of The Artisan Group, was awesome about keeping us updated about who was coming through the doors and over to our display...

First was Lorraine Braco...you know...from The Sopranos!!

As the event went on they saw castmembers from Modern Family, Glee, Good Luck Chuck and...the moment where I thought I was either going to vomit or pee-my-pants from excitement, Jeff Probst.

Like....Survivor. As in...drop-your-buffs-you're merging Jeff Probst!

Apparently, he chatted with the ladies for TWENTY MINUTES and raved about TAG and how much he loved what we were doing. Amazing! Purely amazing!

I cannot wait to see who posed with this...

Fingers crossed for some Modern Family, LOST or Mad Men love!!