Special Post: Emmy's Wrap Up Party

Well folks...as quickly as it started, it's all over now. {but is it??}

The GBK Productions gifting suite wrapped up yesterday at 7pm in lovely Hollywood. Again, the founders of The Artisan Group were on their toes hob-nobbing with the celebrities.

Which ones came through? Well...Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family, Ana Gasteyer from SNL, Lorette Divine from Grey's Anatomy {love her!}, Christa B. Allen from the new show Revenge {excited to see this one!} as well as cast members from Desperate Housewives, The Office {LOTS from the Office! Oh My!}, and GLEE.

Everyone has been getting really awesome feedback, and the celebs are even tweeting with us!

And we even got really awesome feedback from Gavin, the CEO of GBK Productions. He loved some of the products so much that he took them home, including a super sweet tutu from Atutudes for his daughter.

I think I can speak for all of the artists when I say that the excitement has been brewing...is contagious, and only good things can come to us all from being involved with The Artisan Group!

Want to be a part of the action??

TONIGHT at 9pm EST we're hosting another Twitter Party!!

- Follow: @atutudes @ajsweetsoap @sweetstellas
- Answer Emmy related trivia questions (hint: open Google, People.com, and the Emmy's site for help!)
- win amazing handcrafted goodies like hammered earrings, stationary, glass pendants, photographs and more!

See you tonight!