Mama Blogger Monday: Elf: A Family Blog

It's monday, and that means....a new Mama Blogger for you to get to know!! Meet my friend Libby from ELF: A Family Blog.

She's a pretty awesomesauce mama, who's about to rock the Nutrisystem, has dealt with PPD (much like yours truly) and is just all around a real mom. No bones about it!

Hi all! It's the "L" in ELF from ELF: A Family Blog -- feel free to call me Libby. I'm currently what I like to call a married, but single parent. You see, my husband is in Culinary School full-time by day and works two jobs at night, so seeing each other has become kind of a, does sleeping in the same bed count? The hubs and I have a wonderful 13 month old little boy named Thaddeus (Thad) who is constantly on the move and bringing smiles to our faces.

While I teach high school full-time during the day, I cherish those minutes after work that I get to spend with my little man. After spending my summer as a (seasonal) stay-at-home mom I'm missing him lots these days.

I starting blogging as a way to document my pregnancy and connect with other moms. I now blog to stay connected to the fabulous moms that I've met, review and giveaway some of the greatest products on the market, and keep myself sane.

Over at ELF: A Family Blog, you'll find me blogging about Thad, weight loss (and Nutrisystem, because I'm about to rock it), marriage, post-partum depression, cloth diapers, and more. Oh and don't forget about those embarrassing moments as a know, the ones that make you cringe, cry, and laugh all at the same time? Throw in some reviews and giveaways and I've got a pretty sweet little package waiting for you. It's my hope that in the next year, I'll make it to one of those fabulous blogging conferences and finally meet some of the amazing mama's that live in my computer.

So come on over, sit a spell, leave some comments, introduce yourself - I love to meet my readers! Oh and have a fabulous week, Friday's only 4 days away! ;)

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