What's Next Wednesday: Small Stacks

This morning, I whipped up a little somethin' somethin' inspired by the fabulous Lina at Candy Couture Events! We had a coffee date this afternoon, to talk about all things creative and brainstorm about collaboration, and since my husband brought home her yummy cake pops last week, I wanted to give her something awesome today.

Introducing...the Small Stack!

Measuring 4.25"x5.5", the Small Stack features 24 pages of beautiful and bright acid-free cardstock and paper! Stamped in the corner with your choice of motif! Then, the Small Stack is bound with recycled twine!

How gorgeous is that? (and yes, I'm biased, but I really do think it's gorgeous!)

Then add a pinwheel to the top, and you have a gift worth giving!!

Thank you, Candy Couture Events, for the inspiration!