Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Going Green

I was recently asked how green my products are and if my processes are eco-friendly.

I am very happy to say that most of my materials themselves are eco-friendly; the journals that I use to created Jolie Journals are made from recycled materials...all of the cardstock and paper that is in my shop is acid free...all of my adhesives are non-toxic, some even washable!

This paper is actually 70% recycled!

The ink that I use is all acid free as well!

In terms of my processes, I try to reuse as much as possible. Since I purchase alot of things on Etsy (spreading the love!!), I reuse the shipping boxes that I get (along with diaper boxes and any other sturdy box around the house!), along with the bubble wrap and tissue.

The bubble wrap that I purchase is actually made from recycled materials too! How cool!!

The twine that I use from Nashville Wraps is made from recycled materials too!

And the cello bags that I use for packaging my paper products to protect them from water during shipping...they're recycled too!

It's pretty easy to find a way these days to fit some green into your business plan...and it feels pretty awesome too!