Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Blogging Changes and Goals

Last night, MrsC from Never A Dull Moment and I were chatting about all of the changes that are going to be happening over here on the Sweet Stella's blog and she asked me, very simply, what my goals are for this little crafty business of mine.

My goals are both short and long term.

Short term
  • overhaul blog
  • increase number of Google Friend Connect blog followers
  • develop seasonal product line
  • engage in events around the city

Long term
  • collaborate with companies on exclusive products
  • freelance and guest blog on other crafty and mama blogs
  • attend BlogHer'12
  • participate in 64th Primetime Emmy Award Gifting Suite with The Artisan Group
  • attend more craft and art shows in and around the city
  • increase product line
  • increase profitability
  • host bimonthly giveaways

So, each week for the next few weeks, Talk-To-Me Tuesday will revolve around these goals, the first of which is the blog overhaul.

I've seen many many beautiful blogs that are just stunning, easy to navigate and wonderful to read. I'd like to think that writing some pretty naturally, but I could definitely use some help on the design elements.

First on the list are widening the overall blog, changing the header so it is wider but narrower, and adding tabs across the top for easy navigation. Then, creating some buttons for MOMpreneur Monday, Mama Blogger Monday, Talk-To-Me Tuesday and What's Next Wednesday so others can hop over and link up. Finally, adding a sponsors area, making the media kit virtual for all to see, and maybe a few product pictures and categories...oh and a new picture of myself as well!

Stay tuned for these changes! They're going to be beautiful!