MOMpreneur Monday: Sweetpea a la Mode

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm so excited to introduce you today to my friend Barbie, who recently opened an Etsy shop...with a little encouragement from our online-mama's group and after a few heart to hearts that we had.

Barbie has a beautiful spirit, and after her father passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, she channeled those emotions into a fantastic and funky Etsy shop, Sweetpea a la Mode.

As a gift for my son this spring, Barbie sent us a super funky and cool tie-onesie and tee, that I tend to put on him at every opportunity. Her designs are awesome, with onesies and tees coming in every colour of the rainbow, and fabrics that will blow your mind!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sweetpea on a custom newborn onesie for my best-friend's baby shower (pictures of that event to come on Wednesday!) and the Mama LOVED it! Banana onesie with a teal and red fabric tie! Such a neat combination!

Girls items are something new to Sweetpea a la Mode, featuring super cute gingham bows and scarves! She's even done hearts, bowties, and I've strongly suggested some rockin' suspenders!

Barbie also believes in Being Green, which is awesome! All of her garments are prewashed in Rockin' Green detergent, she uses recycled cello bags for packaging, undyed kraft paper for her tags, and reuses ribbon at every opportunity for her packaging. Pretty great, if I do say so myself!

In her own words...some advice...

Love unconditionally. Treat whomever you speak with as though they are the most important person in the world. And that there is never a wrong time to laugh.

You can check out Sweetpea a la Mode on Etsy, Facebook (where she posts sneak peeks of all of her awesome fabrics!) and follow her Mama musings on Twitter!

Stay tuned...we'll be teaming up for a GIVEAWAY soon!