Mama Blogger Monday: My Attempt At Motherhood

Good morning dear readers! Today I have a new Mama to introduce you to, and her super-ridiculously-beautiful-adorable daughter, Quinny!

Meet Andrea from My Attempt At Motherhood! Here's why she blogs and what keeps her fingers on the keys...

Why I Blog and What Inspires Me...
I started blogging to chronicle my first year of motherhood. The first few months I could barely remember my own name, much less my daughter's first month stats, so I figured if I put it all down on paper (keyboard?) I would easily have a way of looking back at all the important milestones that would surely just breeze by us. This was the best decision I have ever made.

My blog gives me a space to brag, vent, complain and most importantly interact with other mamas. I am inspired by every mother who makes it through the day in one piece. Seriously, no one ever warns you how hard it will be to go through one day with a newborn, that includes a shower, food, brushing your teeth and remembering that you have a husband that you should be nice to. I LOVE reading "Mama Blogs". It makes me feel normal, not crazy, and that I am not alone in my everyday struggles. Logging onto Blogger is seriously the best part of my work day (just don't tell my boss that). My now one year old is the star of our lives with a personality that amazes us every single day.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to write about her all I want and that people actually read it. (ok, ok, I have 20 followers, but still. I love every one of them).

Correction...she has 28 followers! But seriously, how ridiculously adorable are she and her daughter?? You can check out their journey and all of Quinn's cutiepie moments over at My Attempt At Motherhood.