Mama Blogger Monday: City Mom

Today is one that I have been waiting for, with patient anticipating, for a little while. I met Kelly from City Mom a while back through of the many that my lovely husband recommended that I reach out and connect with in our community and boy, am I ever glad that I did!

Kelly is fantastic, and is showing what it's like to be a mom in the city, living in a high rise and enjoying a downtown lifestyle with her ridiculously-super-cute daughter. They have such a positive outlook on life, and I am thrilled to be able to share City Mom with you all today.

City Mom began over a year ago as a means for me to document the ups and downs of raising a child in an urban setting. When my husba
nd and I decided to move from the suburbs to a downtown high-rise condo we saw some raised eyebrows. There was no better way to form a rebuttal than documenting it through a blog.

Who says raising a family means you have to a plot of property with a front and back yard and a white picket fence? We feel we can make a happy home for our daughter in an urban setting with a diverse landscape and many cultural opportunities.

City Mom has since turned into so much more. You’ll find topics such as women’s health, parenting, cooking and baking and product reviews and giveaways. Tune in on the first and last Friday of each month to meet the featured fabulous female. Supporting and sharing the accomplishments of hard-working, passionate Canadian women is the theme of the Fabulous Female Friday feature.


Twitter: @_CityMom


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Kelly Connor is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at Follow along with Kelly’s adventures as she raises her daughter along with her husband in the heart of downtown London , Ontario . You can find Kelly’s full portfolio at

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