Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Challenges

This morning I was asked by a friend

What is the most difficult piece you've ever created?

So many pieces come to mind...but there are three in particular that were particularly difficult, and for different reasons.

~Final Sunrise~ 2006

This painting was emotionally difficult for me, because it was the first painting that I completed after my Dad passed away in 2005. I had my second solo exhibition coming up in the summer of '06 and still had about 10 pieces left to complete, but with my biggest fan and my constant rock gone...creatively, my sails were deflated.

I had to force myself into my studio (back then it was the tiny little guest room in our first apartment), shut the door, turn up the music really loud and just grab a brush. It came out of pain, and anger and frustration that the world had taken my Dad from me.

It is beautiful, and is probably the most difficult painting I've ever painted, and also the one that I am most proud of.

The next two were the most difficult because I simply had to create them from scratch, not using a box template or anything of the sort.

The ONEderland Teacups and Kettles for the ONEderful 1st Birthday party of Brynn, adorable ONE year old to Jenni from the Blog.

Jenni sent me some inspiration pictures, and I sort of ran with the theme, picking out oh-so-cute candy colours for the paper, and polka dotted prints to embellish them.

Once I figured out the interior flaps for construction, played with the angles of the kettle spouts and trimmed up the edges, I was off and running and I am thrilled with the results! They made Brynn's party pop, and were the perfect touch to her ONEderland theme!

Overcoming challenges, be they emotional and creative or technical and skill, is difficult. Fighting through them and learning from them is the important part!