Mama Blogger Monday: Confessions of a Confectionista

Happy Monday everyone! I have a simply wonderful Mama Blogger {and MOMpreneur} to introduce you to today! I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Kimberly on her daughters co-VeryHungryCaterpillar-birthday and on the baby shower that I'm getting set to throw, and she is the sweetest!

Here's why she blogs and what keeps her writing...

I starting blogging as the Confectionista when I realized I had a lot to say about mommyhood and the food industry, and most of which wasn't appropriate for my website. Confectionista came from my first confession, that I am a recovering perfectionist and Not a trained confectioner. I have received great feedback and endeavour to share my perspective without telling people what to do. I have been blogging in this domain for almost a year, coinciding with the launch of Kimberley's Kitchen in October 2010. My passion for kids and food has spun off into a community baker's market that I am organizing and hosting, where local bakers get together and sell the most amazing baked sweets and treats. All of who happen to be woman- moms, young professionals, and students! I am also running Free Family Baking Demos at the market, teaching families how to get kids in the kitchen and bake simple, good for you recipes. This week we are making pizza dough!

One of my most popular posts so far was "I vote with my Fork"- which sums up how I feel about food and how we all participate in politics, economics, and such when we make food choices.

sharing my confessions, I hope that my audience and customers feel that they know me and where I come from and learn about all the heart and soul that goes into my business. And sweat. And tears. But I love it. And I do it so that I can raise my two daughters to be strong, independant, and confident women.