Mama Blogger Monday; Building Our Story

Happy Monday everyone!!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful friend Censie, from Building Our Story. Censie and I met while we were both trying-to-conceive and had everything baby related on the brain.

She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. A fabulous mama to her son Jude, a wonderful wife to her awesome hubs Jeremy.

Here's what she has to say about why she blogs...


My name is Censie (said like Kenzie) ;) I first started our blog when I was bored at work. I decided I wanted to start some sort of journal. So I did this for awhile and then it turned into our Trying to Concieve (TTC) blog - which then 7 months later turned into OH MY GOSH we are expecting blog!! And now it is a growing little boy blog, a weight loss blog, a baby/toddler review blog, a give-a-way blog, and much more! I continue to blog because I like sharing our story of our life with a little boy. I hope that I can keep up with blogging so when Jude is older he can look back at this blog and see what he did to our lives each day! :O) And maybe soon this blog will turn into a TTC blog again - ummm only time will tell.

I look forward to meeting new followers - I love finding other family blogs to read. Makes me feel normal most days.

Censie also features really awesome giveaways on her blog, so if that's your thing...she's a MUST CHECK OUT! Everything from adorable goodies from yours truly, to rockin' lullabies from Rockabye Baby...if you want to win it, head on over to Building Our Story!

She's also an amazing inspiration, to me in particular. She, like so many other women out there, has struggle with weight and weight loss, and is determined to be slim and trim...but more importantly, happy and confident with her body. She's a MediFast gal, and is doing so incredibly well. I am so proud of her!

Check her out!