Emmy Given Wednesday: Extra! Extra!

The Press Stacks are done!!

I went back to the drawing board on the journals and decided to gift the Stacks to the Press, with a bit of a twist.

Pretty purple birds....all tied up with chocolate brown recycled twine! I absolutely LOVE the way the twine twists and turns up off the pages!

If you're wondering what happened to the journals, don't fret! They're still being created and are in the embellishment stage right now...and will be available very soon for you (yes! YOU!) to purchase on Etsy! In fact, today I found the most gorgeous and delicate feathers (feathers! New to the Sweet Stella's tool box!) to enhance and play off of the bold abstract painted covers. I am oh-so-excited to share them with you, but for right now there are some very important custom birthday orders that need my attention!

Join me next week when I reveal my display piece!