Y3W Friday: On Vacation (...Kinda)

Good morning everyone!LinkLink
If you've stopped by my Etsy shop, you may have noticed a lovely little vacation notice at the top.

I am indeed going on vacation, but not the type of vacation that you would probably be thinking about.

Over the next two weeks, I am going to be working on a slew of new products to introduce to you all. While I'm working, I'll still be blogging, giving sneak peeks and participating in a few giveaways on Building Our Story, Jenni From The Blog and Baby Shmizz.

A few things that I'll be working on...

Monogrammed Wedding Cake Toppers

Clay Cake Toppers

Great Big Party Packages (Basic and Premium)

Birthday Wishes Box

Hanging Party Decor

Favour Boxes (two sizes!)

I Do! Wedding Cake Toppers

and much much more! I'm going to have fun playing with paper, ink, paint and my imagination. I'm going to think outside of the box and let the creativity flow.

Anything you'd like to see be created? Let me know!

Happy "vacation"!