Thankful Thursday: Crib Teething Bumpers

Do you have a teething baby? Does he or she like to chew on their crib, leaving nasty marks like these?

Then you, my dear reader, would likely be just as thankful as I am for this lovely creation

It's a Crib Teething Bumper that I got off of Etsy, and that I am incredibly thankful for! Given that Owen's bed converts to a double bed, and likely will be the bed that he (insert tear here) moves out of the house with, I'd like for it to stay in beautiful condition.

Thankfully, we have the crib bumper and no more damage will ensue!

It is absolutely beautifully quilted. You can feel the warmth and love that went into making the product!

You can get one here!! Gail is fabulous to work with!

Thanks, Gail!