Sneak Peek: Birthday Wishes Box

The first of many sneak peeks that I'll be posing over the next two weeks!!

One of the reasons that I'm taking this little break is to focus on my kiddo's 1st Birthday Party...and in that, making the hanging decor, banners, favour pouches, balloon wreath...and Birthday Wishes Box.

What is a Birthday Wishes Box, you ask? looks a little like this

The box itself is a 7.5" square recycled papier mache box, which is then covered with acid free designed paper, cardstock, stamped with acid free ink and embellished with your child's name on the top, or initial (which is raised off the surface for a three-dimensional effect).

What do you do with it?

Well...are your child's birthday party, you get the guests to write their wishes...hopes...dreams...advice for your child on pieces of paper or cardstock, put them in the box, and then give to your child on a special occaision in the future.

College graduation...moving out of the baby...

So many milestones, and ones that your child will absolutely love getting this sentimental box of advice, hopes, wishes and dreams on.

What's better, is that you can WIN one before you can buy one! Stay tuned to Building Our Story for a great big giveaway!