Pretty Pictures and Whimsical Weddings

There are two things that I've been focusing on over the past week or so are two categories of new products.

Pretty Pictures - photography props

Whimsical Weddings - cake toppers, favour boxes and cones, fun wedding embellishments

I'd like to unveil a few to you now, namely my new monogrammed cake toppers for weddings (because I think that they are just beautiful, and simple, and elegant, and unique)

Monogrammed with bride and groom's initials

Simple and sweet...I Do...

I have been having a great time just running with my creativity, thinking back to my own wedding and about what I would have done differently.

The other focus, Pretty Pictures, has been alot of fun to create. I've been working with a few photographers on cute sayings, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, even small banners for engagement, maternity, newborn and wedding shoots.

Here are a few of my favourites

For an outdoor cowboy and cowgirl themed shoot

For an engagement shoot

For maternity and newborn shoots

I adore them! Working with photographers has really opened up a whole new world (Queue Aladdin and Jasmine...) of products and creativity that I hadn't thought about before.

Are you a photographer or have a photo shoot coming up with your fiance, baby, husband, kids, parents? Keep Sweet Stella's in mind for your paper props! Everything from hanging decor to be strung from trees to cupcake toppers for a fun and retro picnic! Banners galore in whatever you need them to retro and funky or classic and beautiful bachgrounds.