Emmy Given Wednesday: Missed Delivery

I have news!!!

I was talking with my buddy Adam at Curry's yesterday, and he let me know that I should be receiving all of my journals...tomorrow (as in, today!)

Well..we had a bit of a late night last night. Owen didn't get to bed until nearly 9:30 (he's usually out for the count by 8pm after some solid playtime in the bath {his favourite}), and when I woke up at 9:30am...there wasn't a sound to be heard from his room! Yay for sleeping in...but then the doorbell rang, and I was not in any shape to go and answer.

So I found this

I am so excited for 4:30 this afternoon when I can do to the Purolator depot around the corner and pick up the journals!!!

Then tonight...painting!

I painted two on the weekend, of a different shape and brand that will not be going to the Emmy's but will be available for One-of-a-kind and custom purchases, and it just felt good to play with the paint! (Sneak Peek tomorrow!)

Once the 10 are completed for the Press Bags, and 1 for the display table...my items can be shipped to the lovely ladies of The Artisan Group.