Thankful Thursday: Twitter

I was himming and hawing last night while trying to get comfortable in bed and trying fruitlessly to fall asleep about what I would post today for Thankful Thursday.

It just dawned on my right now...3:14pm EST...that I am very thankful for Twitter.

Without Twitter, and following people like Kristal from @atutudes, I wouldn't have known or linked with with The Artisan Group.

Without Twitter, I wouldn't have been asked by Metro News to send them a press release, and that article would never have happened.

Without Twitter, I wouldn't be able to chat with the mom's that I love so much and who have been such a huge support of my role as a mom and MOMpreneur, on a daily basis.

Without Twitter, I woudln't be able to reach out and connect with hundreds if not thousands of people, participate in TweetUp's, host a Tweetup for The Artisan Group, or link up with charities that are looking for product donations.

So, thank you Twitter! Social media is amazing...don't fight it! Hop on into the conversations!