Thankful Thursday: Jenni From The Blog

I'm taking a moment on this dreary day, while my son is still napping, after I've finished up a cake reflect.

Today, I am so incredibly thankful for Jenni from Jenni From The Blog.

You see, I met this great and amazing woman when I was pregnant with my son. It seemed that we had alot in common, namely our Monster babies and our love for party planning.

After having our babies (my first and her second) we stayed in touch through blogging, facebook and twitter. She has been incredibly supportive to Sweet Stella's, and even ordered her amazing party favours and custom items for her daughter's 1st birthday party from me.

Since advertising over on Jenni From the Blog, some really awesome parties have come my way, including one that I've just finished up the last item for and will be shipping out tomorrow!

So, Jenni, I am very thankful to call you a friend. Thank you so much for being so incredibly supportive of Sweet Stella's, and this mama's attempt to make-it with her craftiness!