MOMpreneur Monday: The Paper Trail

Good evening!

I trust that you all had a fabulous Mother's Day either celebrating as first-timers as I know many of you did, or celebrating with your own Mom's. I hope the day treated you well!

This morning, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Beth O'Leary, owner of The Paper Trail in Brisbane Australia. Here's her story!

What do you do?

I have a business called The Paper Trail, based in Brisbane in Australia. I lovingly create framed paper art for children's rooms. Each is housed within a white shadowbox frame as the picture has layers to it. I adore paper and mix and match it to create something truly unique. Each is hand cut by me and original.

Why do you love it?

I love it because it gives me a creative outlet which I really need raising to young daughters. This has enabled me to be able to stay at home with them more. In fact, they were the inspiration for it. It also gives me that "me" time that I really look forward to, and the bonus is that I can make some money from it too! I love that people love my work so much and feel honoured that they would have it hanging up in such a special place as their child's bedroom.

What advice do you have for other MOMpreneurs?

If you are a MOMpreneur, know that there are a lot of us out there trying and there is a fabulous network awaiting you. Although I love being a Mum, I didn't want to be solely defined by that, and that is why I wanted to give this a go... so a piece of ME still exists amongst the craziness that it is to be a Mum!!!

Well, there you have it! You can check out The Paper Trail here!