Emmy Given Wednesday: Packaging

Do you know what this past weekend marked? 3 months until all of the members from The Artisan Group who are participating in the GBK Productions Emmy's Gifting Suite have to have all of their gifts to the event coordinators.

3 months


Am I ready? Well...I'm close! Yesterday, I finished of #75 of my 100 NoteStacks...well...at least the fronts. I still have to trim them to fit into their cello bags, stamp the backs with my Sweet Stella's custom stamp, bind with ribbon and tie a business card on.

They'll look like this

From there, they'll be put into eco-friendly cello bags from Nashville Wraps, and sealed with a custom Sweet Stella's sticker...and then they're ready to go!

I toyed with the packaging options quite a bit. Canvas bags that I could paint on...paper bags that I already have an abundance of (anyone need custom treat bags??)...organza bags...

So, why cello?

Well first and foremost, I wanted the recipients to see my product without having to take the effort to unwrap it. I don't want to chance that they won't even open the bag if the knot is too tight, or they simply just don't have the time. They will be able to see my product and art for what it is right in their hand, and they'll be able to see my website address from the back should they flip it over.

Trying to be strategic with my packaging and marketing, especially with the hand painted journals that will be going into the press bags and on the display table.

The cello bags that I chose are eco-friendly, which makes me really happy. They're high quality and look fantastic!

My goal for this weekend is to get those 75 Stacks packaged, while I decide on what image to stamp on the last 25.

Stay tuned for next week when I reveal the four Emmy Stack designs!