Emmy Given Wednesday: 95 Down

That's right!! 95 of these beauties are all cut and ready to be stamped, trimmed, tied and packaged!

I am absolutely in love with them all. It was so hard to pick favourites yesterday as I was cutting, and each one I felt a little pang of oooh...I should keep that one! when leafing through the pages that would create a Stack.

My absolute favourites...

Grey Damask + Royal Purple Linen + Raspberry Stone
Lime Circles + Yellow Linen + Tangerine Stone
Pink Damask + Watermelon Linen + Dove Grey Stone

The textures and colours are brilliant. I tend to gravitate toward bright colour punches with a muted tone to ground the collection, so I'm hoping that my personality as an artist shines through these 100 Stacks.

And...I did throw in some muted greys, blues and greens for variety and to make sure that the Stacks aren't too out there and shocking.

As for stamps, thank you all so much for your input as to what to adorn them with! I'm going to go with the Flowers and Reeds, Falling Leaves and I think Paisley. I'm hemming and hawing over the Tic-Tac-Toe, because I think it's adorable, but not sure it would go over well for this event.

OH! And I got GREAT news from Curry's this week. My sketchbooks that will turn into handpainted lovely journals will be to me in 3 weeks!!! Colour me happy!