Y3W Friday: Our Growing Garden

There is a little garden that grows bright and is so incredibly full of love that you will feel it once you step in.

It's called Our Growing Garden, and it's written by an e-mommy friend of mine named Kristin.

It's all about her experience as a babywearing, breastfeeding mama who makes her own baby food, does product reviews and has the best job ever as James' mom.

Kristin is an amazing mom, and I encourage you to read her blog. She talks about the real issues, and doesn't hide from anything, which is something that I truly admire.

Another amazing thing that Kristin does is host a variety of giveaways on her blog. Everything from baby food preparation kits to cute clothing for kiddos, she reviews and gives lovely things away to moms like you and I!

Sweet Stella's is going to be contributing to an Our Growing Garden giveaway coming up soon, along with some other awesome MOMpreneurs like Cup of Tea Cards. All of our babies are turning 1 in the next couple of months, so we're going to be giving things away to celebrate!

Stay tuned! (and have a fabulous weekend!)