Thankful Thursday: My Dad

Well...Thursday is almost over, but it's never to late to pay tribute and be thankful.

Last night, I was working on some hanging decor (new product!! To be revealed soon!) for my son's birthday and I looked up at this

I have a picture of my Dad, the only one of us dancing together at my God Mom's wedding back in late 80's, a favour tag from my wedding that read All You Need Is Love (they were tied to homemade chocolate chip cookies, using my Dad's recipe) and a heart from a donation I made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I get alot of my inspiration from my Dad, who (very) unfortunately passed away in 2005 from a sudden and massive heart attack. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him, and not a day goes by that I don't think I hear his voice, feel a breeze by my shoulder, or see my son looking far past me and smile...I think at my Dad.

So today, Thanks Dad! Thank you for being there, watching over me while I work and dance like a fool in my studio. Thank you for brushing past me and whispering "I'm proud of you" when I need it most!